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Name: Highfield Vivaldi (imp/dec)
Breed: British bred Trakehner Stallion
DOB: February 1994 -2011
Sire:  Muschamp Maestro |Matador | Donauwind)
Dam:   Kingsettle Volkiss AA (Elite Head stud book mare TBF)
Colour: Bright Bay
Suitability: Dressage,Jumping, Show ring
Stud Fee: $450 per dose Frozen Semen only
Registrations & Classified: AWHA|ACE|ASPR|Arabian Warmblood

Highfield Vivaldi

Highfield Vivaldi combined some of the most influential and performance based bloodlines of modern European Trakehner breeding.
Sired by the now deceased International Dressage Stallion Muschamp Maestro he was one of just a few progeny left carrying this wonderful line.

Due to his recognised bloodlines he was also registered into the AWHA Appendix 1 stud book meaning all filly's produced that are out of AWHA Classified mares can gain entry into the main WB book. He was also registered as an Arabian Warmblood and was shown successfully at many large Arab shows around WA

Although often mentioned in many stallion listings H.Vivaldi really did have an outstanding temperament which he most definitely passes through to his foals. They are easy and trainable,are quality and scoopy enough for the professional but kind enough for the amateur .He produces stock that are correct in conformation, tall and athletic making him an ideal sire to bred over most mares.


Champion mare Highfield Vivaldi with owner and rider Ms K.Carr

Digger with his Eventing partner Mr Deon Stokes about to win their class at Harvey

In 2004 we imported one of the first, in the new batch of Warmblood stallions our highly regarded Trakehner, Highfield Vivaldi.This stallion put us on the map for performance and breeding nationwide

Highfield Vivaldi had the heart of a lion and tried his best with everything we asked of him.
After a successful SJ and dressage career we sent him Eventing at the grand age of 15 yrs old......!!
Vivaldi won or was placed in every Horse Trail he competed in for the next 3 seasons and was fit and sound right up until sadly the day he died in 2011. He died from a ruptured aorta and tragically he had to be put to sleep.


Thankfully Highfield Vivaldi lives through many of his progeny many of whom are just starting their competition career now.

The Show Hack mare Highfield O'Phellea, our first foal by Vivaldi is probably his best known daughter at the moment and has been virtually unbeaten in the show ring both in hand and under saddle. She has won more "titles" that I can recall!!

But as we speak more and more of his progeny are quietly coming through with wins in Dressage,Eventing, Showing jumping and the show ring both nationwide and back home in the UK

Digger with my son at his last Horse Trails at Alcoa where he won his class

Highfield Vivaldi was renowned being extremely fertile and managed to get even the most difficult of mares in foal​. So far he has also had 100% strike rate with frozen semen and it again shows great motility and vigure

Grand Sire Matador, who produced many licensed sons including the great Riding Horse and Eventer, Pascal

The beautiful GP Dressage stallion Muschamp Maestro, Sire of Vivaldi

A beautiful pure bred son who is sucessfully showing in Victoria

The very attractive coloured gelding 'Pyro" who is now competing at Official Dressage in WA

A small selection of Highfield Vivaldi's many progeny 

Our own Primrose Court Vanity Fair a superb performance bred filly who is now 2.5 years old​

You can view Vanity on her own page by click on the link

A very pretty yearling filly owned and shown by

Ms G. Duck of QLD

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