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Primrose Court Im So Special

Name: Im so Special
Breed: Warmblood Sport Pony Stallion

DOB: 01/01/2009 ​

Sire:   Highfield Vivaldi (imp) Maestro | Donauwind

Dam:  Im Sunday's Silhouette (imp)|I'm Sundays's Sensation

Colour: Liver Chestnut

Height: 14.2 3/4 officially measured

Suitability: Dressage-Jumping -ARC-PC​

Stud Fee: $850 24 hr LFG Natural Cover/Fresh/Chilled

Registrations: AWHA Sport Horse

2016 was Im So Specials first season out competing and just like his sire, he proved quickly to be the ultimate dual purpose stallion.
A well known competitor in both Dressage and Horse Trials Special is enjoying great success in both in Open classes
Winning at Intro level Eventing & Novice Dressage , he is showing much technique and scope to commence up the grades now Covid-19 restrictions have eased and competitions have commenced.


Special has a beautiful, gentle character and he passes this on to his foals who often sport some super loud markings too !

Fast gaining a reputation for with his wonderfully quiet and gentle temperament Special has quite a fan base out and about competing.

Pedigree wise Special is a beautiful performance bred stallion in an economical pint size package

Boasting a fully imported pedigree his British sire Highfield Vivaldi showjumped to B Grade in the Uk and was Advanced Dressage prior to being exported to Australia
Specials New Zealand mother Im Sunday’s Silhouette, was one of only a handful of pure bred Appaloosas ever to compete at International Grand Prix dressage level and was twice long listed for the Olympics

It is there for no fluke I’m So Special is rarely out of the placings in pure dressage and also Horse Trials. 

Dressage •Eventing •Show• All-round family
His progeny are now being bought by some of our leading riders in WA and he enjoyed a busy and successful stud season last year

He is ideal for refining big, heavy mares to produce quality performance horses
He will improve movement, leg and scope over Native Pony types to produce quality sport pony’s
Sunny seems to stamp his foals with his strong looks and good movement as well as flashy loud markings where the Sabino gene gained from his sire is coming through. 



Im Sundays Silhouette was one of just a handful (if that) of Pure bred Apoloosas to have been successfully competed at International level Grand Prix Dressage.


This was no fluke on her part either since her Sire, Im Sundays Sensation also competed at this elite level under breeder and rider Jaqui Winspear back in their home country of New Zealand.


Silhouette was selected for two Olympics and competed in Australia on numerous occasions, were she had a huge fan base of enthusaistc followers.

She was a very sweet easy mare, full of life and sparkle with the heart of a lion.She also had the most impressive movement any warmblood breeder would die for


Highfield Vivaldi was brought to WA in 2005 a few months after we emigrated from England.He had been my schoolmaster previously and had taken me hunting, jumping and dressage.

Vivaldis owners and breeders at Highfield Stud had competed Vivaldi to a very competitive level both in showjumping (to C Grade) and in Dressage (to Advanced) He had just started his FEI work when I bought him

Vivaldi competed successfully in the Show ring and lightly in Dressage. Whilst I was having my family we sent him to Deon Stokes to take Eventing. He seemed to really enjoy this new sport at the grand age of 14 and continued for 3 more seasons before he sadly died in March 2010 from a ruptured aorta.He had only been eventing just weeks before.He had been fit and healthy right up until that day.

Vivaldi leaves behind a large legacy of stock across Australia including Im so Special and 4 other fillies we have retained at Primrose Court.

Vivaldi was widely used for pretty much everything including State champion show hacks, dressage and jumping horses.He was the ultimate duel purpose Sports Horse.





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